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Strongest distribution network
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longway Cargo Movers is the best transport company in India delivering excellence for all types of businesses. We cater to the cargo moving requirements of our esteemed customers across India. We strictly adhere to the latest safety and compliance features and provide quality service at an affordable rate. We have revolutionized transport service in India with our unique features which include cost-effectiveness, latest technology and excellent customer service. Our customers define us as the best in the industry of truck transportation services in India. We are well equipped to comply with the customized requirements of each of our customers.

Being the best transport company in India, we deliver your cargo safe and on time. We have numerous types of vehicles with high fitness level, suitable to move all types of cargos to anywhere in the country. We run transport services in India with GPS devices connected; hence our customers get the facility for real-time tracking.



We cover different industry sectors, from food and beverage, chemical, retail, durable goods and more. Check the full list.

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  • Address: Nr. Murlidhar Weight Bridge, Nr. Pitrukrupa Hotel Veraval (Shapar) - 360024
  • Address: Nr. Raj- Kamal Fatak, Nr. old Jakat Naka, Dhebar Road Rajkot - 360024
  • Phone: +91 95865 28882
  • Email: